Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New York.

So lately I've been super busy and last week I decided I was going to send my Aunt Judy Utah truffles which I hope her boys don't eat them all or intercept them like they were saying they were going to haha. Though last week I didn't get them sent off, they are in a box, but I haven't actually sent them yet. Lately I have really missed New York. I love the fast pace and people that live there. Yeah I went there for 2 weeks for vacation, it's different than living there, but that is the kind of life style I like. IE the 17 credits and 20+ hour work weeks.

That is my thought take it as you will. One day I will live there I can promise you that.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


So lately working at Lin's has just been really frustrating, not my actual job or the people I directly work with, but the people that work outside of pharmacy.

Just gotta say never be rude to customers..even if the area you are working in is torn apart and a disaster. Yesterday my dad had an experience in the deli and straight said he won't go there if that same girl is working he would rather make an extra trip to Albertsons..That's bull to me because if another customer had the same problem it would be fixed, so today he is hopefully going to tell Jeff because no customer should be treated that way even employees.

Italians are very protective..its our nature, not that my dad can't hold his own..you all know that by now if you're reading this. But really this is my rant. I think, like I said, it's bull that someone would act like that when I know that right now as employees we are supposed to be as accommodating as possible to customers because of the construction.

So yeah this gets me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My World of Thought.

Aww no more human race..

The answer to many zombie questions but, in truth who is preparing for this for reals. 

I have faith in humanity that this will not ever end the world. I also believe that God wouldn't create a creature like that, or turn beings related to himself into a monster.

Anyway that was my random thought. Probably because I am so dang tired I feel like a zombie. DON'T SHOOT ME!!

hehe oh I'm so funny.

By the way, I've become a happier person for the first time in over two years if you can't tell by this post. 

I seriously can relate so many unrelated things together and make them funny when I'm in a good mood. Well make myself laugh at least. 

I miss my mommy today. But I know she is laughing at the silly things I do and I know she would love the pottery I've been making. She was my true believer and fan. I miss that so much.