Monday, February 28, 2011


Goodness. This is from my fortune cookie. I can never see this happening. It seems quite funny to me. But anyway i hope that it does happen at some point in time. College seems like i will never be peaceful bu i hope that it happens.

February 28, 2011.

First blog. So, i have gone through a lot the past year. i guess this is an introduction to my life as of now. My mom went through bypass surgery in july of 2010 and since then everything has turned upside down. on october 18th my granny passed away, and in november my mom fractured her knee. In the middle of all this, CJ Sagendorf came into my life October 11th was our first date and ever since that its been a crazy, fun story. I have played Xbox every night with the same people for over a year now. and we all buy the same games, we are the biggest dysfunctional family every i love it they make my escape even better. I took the pharamacy technician program offered at DXATC over those six months of crazy and i work at Lins Marketplace. The people that work there create the experience of a life time. They are the kindest smartest people i have met my entire life. I love them. I play the drums and am learning piano again. I am into ceramics. This easter i am going to be in the DSC Art Show. It has been my escape for the stress that is caused by the craziness in my life. i love to learn and learn to love the simplicity of the past and the inception of the future.