Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is what is happening.

Here we go!

So it has been one year to the day, I don't think that my sister or cousin sierra realize but when it's exactly a week after me and CJ's anniversary... My Granny is the greatest lady I have had the privilege to know. I miss her immensely. You ask, why is she blogging about this, well this is my intro to my random thought/poem things I like to write.

Happiness is not what is hoped for,
Love is what we have,
Normalcy is what I need.

Nothing is the same,
There's nothing we can do.

What is going on,
Who thought that this would happen,
Where does life go from here.

So many questions left unanswered,
No help from you.

Running past me,
Time is gone,
Stealing all that was close.

One year, Six months,
Which is worse?

Oh no..maybe I'll finish this after class, at home. Or maybe it is done.

Just a short snippet of my thoughts today. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with this still. I've found that in the end crying does nothing, but sometimes it makes me think it helps. I need to think about the happy times I have created with the people that are gone now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Okay Liana needs to post some pictures! This has been the biggest roller coaster of the last 3 weeks! Too much stuff has been going on for me to even think. By the end of this blog you will know! Haha So just as a side note my dog is awesome! Me and cj have been dating for over a year now and it's freaking awesome. I seriously cant believe that it's been this long. But truthfully it has been the best year of my life. Ok so in the last weeks I have been to park city for the best bagger competition. Yeah I didn't win but it was a good time. Gears of war 3 came out and it's about the best game I've played in a long time. Ok so that was a spillage of words.

Best bagger: ok well here goes I got to go to park city again we stayed at the chetuex (I think that's how you spell it?) the competition was the day we got there and it was pretty cool I thought I was going to place, but I didn't. The room was awesome other than the fact that I couldn't sleep. The next day we went to the university mall I got to go to forever21 and spend money and eat at chick-fil-a haha it was awesome I made cj jealous because its his favorite.

Gears of war 3: I am a nerd. End of story it is the greatest campaign ever!

Anniversary: yesterday was awesome! Me and cj have been dating for a year now! It makes me happy to think that it's been over a year and that we have made it through the summer of him working for Vivint and being across the country. (which by the way was killing me) I'm just glad he understands me and all the problems I've had with my mom being gone and everything and he just knows how to fix things hah I'm in love sorry I'm going on about it but I could go one forever about our relationship and how all the random little things make me happy. Well yesterday was what I was supposed to be talking about. So I got to hang out with cj all day yesterday and it was haha pretty normal which is what made it 100 times better. I know I sound so weird right? But that's all I've been asking for since may is just things to feel normal and for once yesterday it was good. I know it won't ever be completely normal but it was as normal as it will ever be yesterday haha I took a nap while cj played black ops, we got dinner at Honolulu Grill (highly recommend it) we went to the corn maze and stopped by ice berg before we went to his parents to drop off the rest of our chocolate banana shake haha. Course his dad is obsessed with ice cream.

 My freakin dog! Rosco is insane! I'll edit this next time I get on my computer so everyone can see all the stuff that has been going on and what not but I think for now this is all I have to say maybe later today I'll actually write not just update y'all I love you.