Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Numbness.

The wind is shaking,
Moving the world around me but all is still.
There are signs of change,
Pointing different directions than i wanted.

It's cold,
Yet the tears are like fire, burning my skin.
My world is black,
It has come crashing and won't quit falling.

What I lived for,
What I hoped for,
Where has it gone?

I am helpless,
Time lost without even knowing,
Regrets fill my soul.

A piece of the puzzle is missing,
She will never be replaced.
Cherish the moments,
I know I didn't.

Is this real?
Why no warning?

Her love is beautiful,
It surrounds what i will work towards.
There is no greater meaning of life.
Precious memories are mine,
safe to keep.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Someone Tell Me I'm Wrong

I am a confused child..and i have much to say about nothing. My best friend, Compy, (Zachary Doty) love this guy, great subject. Seriously if it wasn't for him i would be a troubled girl haha. Since CJ left he has been the only one that can really make me laugh about anything. I can't imagine having it any other way. CJ actually trusts him too. So the last couple weeks seemed to go from all time low to fixed in the time it takes to send a few texts. Without the things I've learned about myself and life this past year i would be lost. I know that no one will ever pull me away from my friends again, the few that i have. Through the hurt and love that life's rollar coaster sends us on i know that the people that have come and gone have taught me a few things, and the people that are still here, are the ones that make me realize what life is really living for. The ones I love are the people that really matter to me and I know that they will always come before anything else.